Language and speech
disorders can exist together
or by themselves. The
problem can be mild
or severe.


Our Purpose

Three Little Words is a non-profit organization that exists for the sole purpose of funding children to go to private speech therapy. We are the first foundation of its kind. We are committed to helping change the lives of young children with speech disorders all over America. Three Little Words will cover the costs of the speech and or language assessment and the recommended therapy schedule. No matter the cause for the speech delay. Three Little Words will target children ages 3-10. Our funding will be paid directly to the therapist office and not to the child or child’s family.

We have high goals and a lot to accomplish in the future. Their future is in our hands and we will do whatever is necessary to create awareness and raise funds to provide these children with the one on one speech therapy that they each so desperately need. With your help we can help get early intervention to these children who are part of a shockingly fast growing epidemic and create a better future for our next generation.

We are on a mission with the help of corporate and private donors to repair a loop hole in our system here in the United States that so many children have fallen thru. With your help we can and will succeed to provide a better tomorrow for our next generation. We need your help today!